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The Work of Rebekah Campbell


Rebekah Campbell s photography transitions smoothly between the fantasy world of fashion and representations of the idyllic banalities of youth culture and suburbia.

The 22-year-old NYC-based photographer often utilizes duplication superimposing images, or expressing a fascination with twins or similar-looking subjects. These echoes and repetitions lend a visual blossoming effect to her photos that nicely compliments the seventies youth vibes expressed in her work.  Cynthia Ora “In my work – and in my life – I am constantly seeking beauty. Or at least that's what my dad says about me!” laughs 20-year-old photographer Olivia Bee, pictured here at her home in Brooklyn by friend and fellow photographer Rebekah Campbell. Having picked up a camera the age of 11, by 14 Bee was shooting.

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